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CEREC Dental Crowns Dentist in Palos Hills IL
CEREC Dental Crowns Dentist Palos Hills IL

Crowns Made While You Wait

You may have had a crown placed in your mouth in the past. So you are familiar with the routine of having to wear a temporary, waiting for the permanent crown to be constructed by an outside lab, and then returning to the dentist to have it placed. If it doesn’t fit quite right, you repeat the entire process.

A dental crowns dentist, Dr. Tisoncik uses CEREC™ technology to give you a perfect-fitting crown. The best part is that it’s done in just one visit! This system uses a computer program to design and construct the restoration. It creates the crown in just minutes! The complete process from beginning to end takes only about an hour. This means only one trip to the CEREC dental crowns dentist and a lot less waiting. Our patients tell us they love both the natural look and the function of the restorations.

We begin the procedure by using a special camera to take an image of your tooth that we can view on our computer. This allows us design the crown, which the CEREC machine then automatically mills. The final step is to bond the crown to the remaining tooth structure. What could be faster and more convenient than having a crown made with CEREC?

Dental Crowns Dentist Palos Hills IL

There’s no charge for a consultation to learn about Single visit dental crowns. Call us at (708) 599-2929 to book your consultation.