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Giving Kids the Care They Deserve

Children's Dentistry Palos Hills ILWe strive to keep up with the latest advancements in children’s dentistry, and we deliver them with care and thoughtfulness. Your children will be comfortable during visits to our office. We also teach them the importance of maintaining their smiles. We enjoy seeing them during their regular visits and helping them to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

We work to make sure children are relaxed during their visits so they don’t fear going to the dentist. As many of our parents have told us, we are achieving those goals. The atmosphere in our office is calm and cheerful, and our youngest patients enjoy their visits. Regardless of how anxious your child might be, we are here to make it easy for everyone.

Avoiding Tooth Decay in Children – the Easiest Way!

Children may have difficulty brushing properly. With all the grooves and contours in the back teeth, surface areas may be missed and improperly cleaned. When bacteria and plaque form on a tooth, decay begins. Once there is decay, a filling is required, or if there is a lot of decay, a crown will be necessary for a restoration. The solution for this problem is an application of dental sealants on all the teeth. Here is how this easy this treatment works: After the teeth are cleaned and sterilized, a transparent coating of dental sealant is applied. A curing light is used to bond the sealant. No shots or drills are required and the entire process takes just minutes. This sealant helps to prevent cavities for both children and adolescents.

Hygiene Visits Are Critical for Dental Health

Having your smile cleaned regularly is important for maintaining good health. Research has shown that when gum disease manifests, it affects other serious health conditions like stroke, diabetes, or heart disease. Plaque and tartar develop and build up on teeth. Once tartar collects beneath the gumline, it can trigger an infection that spreads. Having your teeth professionally cleaned by a hygienist along with proper brushing and flossing will help control gum disease and other health issues.

Are You Tired During the Day?

Do you fall asleep unexpectedly at work or snore loudly while asleep? Do you have interrupted breathing during sleep? You might have sleep apnea. The usual solution to control sleep apnea is the CPAP device, which pumps air into the lungs through a mask the patient wears. Although it fixes the issues, the mask is uncomfortable and cumbersome, so many people give up wearing it and sleep apnea returns.

We offer a much easier option using an oral appliance. It is a small acrylic device that is placed into the mouth while sleeping, much like a retainer or mouthguard. Once in place, the device is able to realign the jaw and tongue and open the airway to allow flow of air into the lungs while sleeping. They are easy to place, remove, clean, and convenient for travel. Wearing these has proven successful for over 90% of users. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, please give us a call to start the road to restful sleep.

The Special Needs of Our Oldest Patients

Senior Dental Care Palos Hills ILTeeth change over the years, just as our bodies do. Over time, teeth may become stained or plaque builds up, leading to health problems from infected gums. Some medications may cause dry mouth or reduced saliva flow. Fillings crack or degrade over time. We can help to prevent these types of problems with regular checkups. Good daily hygiene and proper eating are also important to maintain or prevent tooth decay or tooth loss. If your gums become red or start to bleed and/or teeth begin to loosen, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Root Canal Therapy to Save Teeth

If a tooth is damaged or infected, it used to require extraction. But with today’s dentistry and advanced technology, we can save the tooth with a root canal. Using this procedure, the pulp chamber is removed and replaced with a dental filling. With anesthetics, dental root canals therapies are manageable and no longer dreaded like it was in the past.

TMJ/TMD – Re-Aligning Your Jaw

Dental malocclusion (a bad bite) can lead to frequent headaches or popping jaws as well as pain in the shoulders, neck, and jaws. If the jaws do not settle into the proper position, muscles become strained and painful. Over time, you will become accustomed to this pain and continue to live with it. We can help relieve these problems by restoring your dental occlusion to the proper alignment. Visit our office and let us discuss the benefits of this procedure so you can relieve the discomfort.

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