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Dental Implants – Allowing You to ‘Grow’ Replacement Teeth

Dental implants make it appear as if you grew brand-new teeth in your smile. The implant comes through the gums just like a natural tooth. Whether you need one or several teeth replaced, they will function and look like real teeth for chewing as well as a beautiful smile. Implants may also be used to lock in dentures for a secure fit. Our dental implants dentist handle the entire process from placement of the implant to creation of the crown, so you will be able to get your full procedure done right here in our office.

Immediate Load Implants for Secure Dentures

All-on-4™ immediate load implants give you another option. This utilizes four implants to permanently hold dentures in place so they never need to be removed, which makes it easy for you to reclaim a beautiful smile and functioning teeth in one convenient dental visit. The use of four to six implants delivers strong support for your new teeth. They also don’t require extra time for the bone to heal around the implants – you can start eating again as usual that same day!

In the past, a patient was referred to an oral surgeon for implant dentistry. After the surgeon completed placement of the posts, the dentist would place the teeth on the implants. There would be a six-month waiting period for the implant completion. At our practice, we are able to secure immediate load implants in one visit.

Mini Implants Secure Loose Dentures

Maybe you were told you could not receive implants due to low bone density in your dental arch. If you are tired of slipping and sliding dentures, you will be happy to hear there may be a solution mini dental implants. They securely anchor your dentures and halt the slipping and annoyance of trapped food under dentures. In just one visit, you can have the full procedure, which is virtually painless. You can also return home that same day and eat whatever you like! Mini implants can also be used to replace a single tooth.

You don’t have to put up with missing teeth any longer! Call (708) 599-2929 for a free consultation today to determine if dental implants are right for you.