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Cosmetic Dentistry in Palos Hills IL

Revealing Your Best Smile

We understand how important it is to look and feel your best. To deliver the smile you want, we use a combination of prevention and restoration techniques. With cosmetic dentistry, including veneers, whitening, bonding, and crowns, you can have a smile transformation in less time than you think.

Remake Your Smile in as Little as Two Visits!

Our high-quality porcelain veneers correct misshapen teeth, deep discoloration, and gaps to reveal a natural-looking and alluring smile. Veneers fit over and are bonded to the tooth structure. They are strong, functional, and look exactly like your natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results!

Teeth Whitening Palos Hills ILIt's natural to want brighter teeth! When teeth are whiter, they look healthier. And this is easier to achieve than most people think. The best way to achieve your whitest teeth is by using a professionally supervised bleaching process. A teeth whitening dentist, Dr. Tisoncik offers custom whitening trays, made in our own lab, that fit similar to a mouthguard. You will receive supplies and instructions that allow you to finish the procedure at home. This technique is safe and effective. Results occur within 1 - 14 days.

Snap On a Beautiful Smile!

If you want a good-looking smile without a lot of expense, let us show you what Snap-On Smile™ can do! It’s easy, as there are no shots or drilling involved. The removable appliance is worn over your teeth. You can even leave it in during meals and eat as you normally do. If you are not quite ready for a cosmetic makeover, you might love this temporary solution to give you a beautiful smile with Snap-On Smile.

Amalgam-Free Fillings

Many dental practices still use silver-mercury amalgam fillings, but we use only white dental fillings to offer superior cosmetic results. Amalgam fillings have certain shortcomings. They do not attach well to teeth, which allows decay to enter under the filling. A darker plug in light teeth is quite noticeable and not very attractive to many people. Our modern restorations blend in with the natural white color of your tooth structure and actually strengthen teeth. They create a strong bond with the remaining part of the tooth, so the chance of decay is much less than metal fillings.

Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our smile makeover dentist in Palos Hills, IL. Discover how cosmetic solutions and whitening can give you a brilliant new smile!